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Gemstone and Mineral Mines of San Diego County


Jacumba Mining District

The Jacumba district is a gemstone and other industrial mineral producing area located in southeastern San Diego County and southwestern Imperial County; spanning approximately 10 miles (16 km) around the town of Jacumba, encompassing the southern end of the Jacumba mountains to the northeast, Carrizo Gorge, and the In-Ko-Pah mountains to the northwest.

Imperial County was formed in 1907 from the eastern portion of San Diego County, effectively splitting the historic Jacumba district into separate county jurisdictions.

In 1914, Merrill reported that 8.5 miles (13.6 km) northwest of Jacumba was the Crystal Gem mine, at which in a pegmatite dike, had been found pink and green beryl and essonite garnet.

Merrill also reported that 9.5 miles (15.2 km) east of Jacumba, near Mountain Springs, were deposits of essonite garnet in crystalline limestone associated with gneiss. Some fine gems were said to have been mined and marketed by the San Diego Gem Company under the name of "California hyacinth". Merrill noted that these mining claims were considered abandoned by 1914.

San Diego Mine

The San Diego Mine lies just south and adjacent to the Himalaya Mine and is the same pegmatite and therefore produces the same minerals. So whenever we say Himalaya Mine you can just as easliy replace it with San Diego Mine. The San Diego Mine is located a few miles northwest of Mesa Grande, San Diego County, California. The San Diego Mine is not open to collectors. Archie Kuehn and Bill Calhoun and company own the San Diego Mine and not the owners of the Himalaya or its constituent properties.