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Gemstone and Mineral Mines of San Diego County


Ramona Gem Mining District

Little Three

This is a another classic California locality and has been mined by several individuals over the years but primarily by Stuart Spaulding of Ramona. The Little Three Mine is on private property and is world famous for its spessartite garnet and topaz. According to the Minerals of California Database it also has produced green tourmaline, elbaite tourmaline, lepidolite, ferroaxinite, schorl, cleaveleandite, cookeite, apatite, pucherite, cassiterite, stibiotantalite, stibiocolumbite, uranmicrolite and hambergite. Here are some pictures of specimens from the Little Three Mine.

Hercules Mine

The Hercules mine is located 7.2 km (4.5 miles) ENE of Ramona, encompassing the southern slope of a hill with an elevation of 2480 feet from which the coast of the Pacific Ocean is visible. The south side of the hill slopes steeply towards the southwest, following the general dip of the pegmatite intrusions which outcrop along the top and just north of the hill's ridge. The location is mainly in the S2SE4NE4 Sec. 8 T13S R2E SBM. The site borders the Little Three property on the north. The Hercules pegmatite is north of the Little Three dike, and is primarily known for its production of bright orange spessertine. The pegmatite has been primarily developed where it dips down onto the Little Three mine property.